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Garzanti Linguistica

Passato, presente, Garzanti. Il futuro sempre a portata di mano.

Garzanti Nyelvészet/Lingvisztika/Nyelvtudomány Múlt, jelen, Garzanti. A jövő mindig kéznél van.

többnyelvű szótár, egynyelvű szótár, angol, francia, francia nyelv, olasz, olasz nyelv, angol nyelv, szótár, nyelvoktatás

monolingual dictionary, multilingual dictionary, english, france, italian, Italian language, france language, english language, dictionary

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Nyelvtudomány, nyelvek

8, 800.2, 840, 801

olasz egynyelvű, olasz-angol és olasz-francia kétnyelvű szótár

Garzanti Linguistica is a leading publisher of dictionaries. Top-quality contents, scholarly precision and an innovative approach have made Garzanti Linguistica one of the most prestigious names in the dictionary field. The Garzanti publishing company first became involved in languages in the 1960s with the publication of its highly-acclaimed large-size dictionaries: the Italian Dictionary and the Hazon English-Italian Dictionary. These works stemmed from a totally new approach to dictionary-making and a publishing concept that put users first and foremost. They brought together the publishing and communication skills of the compilers and the teaching experience of writers and experts from various fields. This unique combination ensured excellent quality levels for the contents, making Garzanti Linguistica one of the most authoritative points of reference for students, professional people and anyone simply wanting to improve their knowledge of languages. Since those early days, the number of Garzanti Linguistica dictionaries has greatly increased, with the addition of other languages (French, German, Spanish) and other sizes and versions (medium-sized, pocket-sized and elementary) to meet all user needs. Continual changes and developments in the languages have led to the dictionaries being constantly revised and updated to ensure the ongoing quality of the works, and to allow them to become true records of living language. Alongside its printed dictionaries, in recent years Garzanti Linguistica has issued an extensive catalogue of CD-ROM products (dictionaries, translation programs, language courses). And now Garzanti Linguistica dictionaries are available online, along with specially-designed contents and services to assist users in improving their language knowledge and skills.

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