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Neveléstörténeti Könyvtár - elektronikusan hozzáférhető teljes szövegű folyóiratok (1760-1942)

Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung: Liste der als elektronische Dokumente verfügbaren Zeitschriften (1760-1942)


Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pedagogische Forschung

neveléstörténet, könyvtár, folyóirat, pedagógiai folyóirat, 1760-1942

history of education, library, periodical, journal, electronic journal, 1760-1942

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A neveléstörténeti kutatásokat támogató könyvtár (Bibliothek für Bilungsgeschichtliche Forschung) honlapján számos német nyelvű 1760-1942 közt megjelent neveléstörténeti folyóirat teljes szövege olvasható, más kézikönyvekkel és kutatható neveléstörténeti adatbázisokkal együtt.

The Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung (BBF) was founded in 1876 and is an international research library. Since 1992 it has been affiliated with the Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung. With a collection of more than 700,000 items it is Europe's second largest library specialised in education. By virtue of its unique collection, the BBF was integrated into the system set up by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) comprising libraries with special collections. Its acquisitions cover works on the history of education in German-speaking countries, making it one of the 46 German libraries with a special collection or specialised libraries wich, to all intents and purposes, fulfil the role of a German national library. In addition to its library, documentation and archive functions, the library has gained recognition as a centre of communication for historical research in education, hosting regular conferences and exhibitions. Lastly, working closely with the Forschungsstelle Berlin and other departments of the Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung, they regard it as their task, given the nature of this collection, to promote research and carry out their own research projects. Within the scope of the program of retrospective digitalisation many german educational journals and reference works (1760-1942) were picturized and digitalised so everybody can reach and read now free on the internet.

Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pedagogische Forschung


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